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View of the Sisters
The many faces of South and North Sisters viewed from different angles; refresh the page for another view.

The South Sister, near St Marys is a local icon, popular tourist destination, and recreation area for the locals BUT it is earmarked for logging. Many residents and past visitors to the area are very concerned that this will have devastating effects on the biodiversity of the area, the water supply of local residents (including St Marys), damage to eco-tourism and the local economy. The Forest Practice Plan was certified in January 2005 and is deficient in many respects. It fails to assess adequately the risk of landslide should logging proceed as well as risk to water and threatened species. See the community audit presented to Forestry Tasmania in early February 2005 for more details.

There are MANY good reasons why South Sister should not to be logged. Please see the history of the campaign and other news updates to learn more about the activities since being alerted to Forestry's intention to log this area late 2003.

update 2006/11/23

Three lichens identified on the South Sister (close to the coupe) by esteemed Herbarium Lichenologist Gintaras Kantvilas were nominated for listing on the Threatened Species List earlier this year. Despite the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) recommending the three be listed as 'rare', the Minister failed to list the lichens. The Minister's decision was based on the premise that he was '... not able to determine whether these species are at risk ...' This was despite the lichens being recommended by SAC to be listed under the criteria stating ... 'species subject to stochastic risk ... because of naturally small population size(s).' ...

Despite Ralph Rallings providing information in the form of a Review Paper to RMPAT, Ombudsman, Forestry Tasmania, the former Minister of Forests, Bryan Green and most recently the Premier (who has taken over the Forest portfolio) for the past twelve months, none of the above are interested in investigating the false and misleading evidence provided by McIntosh and Weldon to RMPAT last year. Read the review and see for yourself how the conclusions reached by FT's experts remain in doubt by SOS experts ...

More ...

David Leaman's powerpoint presentation (1.92MB) at the South Sister fauna and flora 'walkshop', 05 April, 2008

'Biodiversity and landscape conservation of the Nicholas Range' - a powerpoint presentation (2.2MB) made by Nick Fitzgerald and Todd Dudley at the South Sister fauna and flora 'walkshop', 05 April, 2008

Read the updated Rallings Review
Rare lichens not listed ...
Eagles nest found 350m from proposed coupe
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