South Sister St. Marys, Tasmania

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[Diary of Events provides a record of events from 21 February 2005 when Forestry Tasmania moved road making machinery up to South Sister prior to logging.]

2013/05/21 - Environmental Defenders Office has provided the following documents:
- Creating Reserves under the Tasmanian Forests Agreement Law (.pdf file, 1.5MB)
- A Guide to the Tasmanian Forests Agreement Law (.pdf file, 1.4MB)

2012/08/12 - Tasmanian Times: The Second Coming is more likely ...

2012/08/07 - Tasmanian Times: Denial piled upon delusion ... enough material for a whole round of psychiatric conferences

2012/04/19 - Tasmanian Times: Dismissed: Complaints made to the Integrity Commission in respect of the proposed construction of a pulp mill

2012/01/07 - The Age: Spies eye green protesters (Victoria)

2011/11/03 - The Age: New (Victorian) state law in the pipeline to aid loggers

2011/08/25 - ABC: Landslide threatens homes

2011/09/11 - Tasmanian Times: In the Land of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man is King

2011/08/08 - The Age: Greens win deal to save Tasmanian forests
ABC: Forest peace deal under threat

2011/07/28 Tasmanian Times: The Road to Nowhere

2011/07/25 - The Age: Tasmania in $274m forests deal

2011/05/20 - Tasmanian Times: Hush, Lara, Hush

2011/05/18 - The Age: Tasmanian logging pact hits hurdle

2011/05/16 - Tasmanian Times: Our only weapon is our refusal

2011/04/16 - The Age: Radioactive water threatens Kakadu

2011/03/27 - Independent: Tasmania's rainforest at risk from mining

2011/03/12 - The Age: The Felling of Gunns
The Australian: Uneasy woodchip deal all set to splinter

2010/12/02 - Tasmanian Times: Socialist Alliance Statement on 'Tasmanian Forests Statement of Principles'

2010/10/19 - The Age: Historic deal on forests

2010/09/10 - The Age: Timber giant concedes defeat in decades-old logging war

2010/09/04 - The Age: Where the wild things are

2010/08/29 - The Australian: Race for the devil

2010/02/22 - ABC: Fears timber toxins could be poisoning town
Tasmanian Times: Is all Tasmania poisoned?

2010/01/30 - The Australian: Gunns settles with last pulp mill opponents

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