South Sister St. Marys, Tasmania

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March 2007: most current: Tapvision campaign against the pulp mill

Gunns has sued 20 Tasmanian environmentalists for six biggies in a Victorian court. Two websites are devoted to the matter:

South Sister is only one of many communities in Tasmania making a stand against logging of native forests of special significance in their area. We provide some links to other websites engaged in the same battle.

The premier Tasmanian website dealing with the subject in a general manner is Tasmanian Times - which often carries controversial stories that rock the boat. Much of the discussion surrounding the promised land pulp mill is located here.

Amongst the many local interest groups maintaining websites we have picked a few from which related information may be gleaned:

Literature: What could happen to our environment if we proceed to poison everything in the way of the almighty dollar: Rachel Carson's Silent Spring of early '60s vintage or the more recent Our Stolen Future are highly recommended.

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