South Sister St. Marys, Tasmania

South Sister - water supply under threat

Hydro turbine at South Sister Spring
Hydro electric turbine in opertion at South Sister Spring being tapped for domestic supply

Many residents surrounding the South Sister take their water directly from springs or from creeks that run off the South Sister. This water is used for both domestic and agricultural/horticultural use. Residents use it for drinking, gardening and some even use it for hydroelectricity.

A few farms use the water for irrigation of crops including poppies, potatoes, blueberries and to feed stock

In addition, the St Marys' water supply comes from a bore. This bore is in direct communication with the Gould fault line which runs through the proposed logging coupe. The area is a well known slip area and any interference by logging may lead to major problems particularly after high rainfall. Both quality and quantity of water may be affected leading to problems for many local residents reliant on the water.

A back up town supply (which has not been used for a few years) has its catchment within the proposed coupe. Two dams still exist and are situated on Newman's Creek.

Destruction of the coupe will interfere with the water quality and quantity of this supply.

Gushing water Power production Small dam
Clean water for the locals Backup water supply for St. Marys Water on South Sister
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