South Sister St. Marys, Tasmania

South Sister

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South Sister summit
South Sister summit viewed from North Sister

South Sister is an icon of St Marys. People often refer to St Marys as the place where the South Sister is. It is the highest mountain surrounding St Marys standing at 832 metres above sea level. An artist on the French explorer Nicolas Baudin's ship painted the South and North Sisters back in 1802. The views from the top of the summit are breathtaking with views as far as Flinders Island in the north, beyond Ben Lomond to the west and Freycinet Peninsula to the south. The township of St Marys is well seen from the summit, as are the few farms nestled beneath the mountain at Dublin Town, German Town and Gardiners Creek Road.

An old fire lookout still stands at the summit as well as numerous communication antennas. The summit can be reached by a ten minute steep walk from the car park. It is often windy and cold at the top so be sure to take a coat if you make the climb.

Here we have a 360° view taken from the top of South Sister.

Sunset over South Sister Germantown viewed from South Sister
Sunset over South Sister. View of northeast coast looking from the South Sister summit.
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