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failure to respond

The Chief Forest Practices Officer
Forest Practices Authority
30 Patrick Street
23 January 2006



In the absence of any reply to my letter of 28/01/05 requesting the Board to determine whether it will vary or revoke the Plan in the light of the matters outlined in my letter, I ask whether

  1. the matters contained within the letter were brought to the attention of the Board as an item on the Agenda of a Board meeting?
  2. you intend to reply to me, providing either
    1. a response from the Board? or
    2. your responses to the specific issues raised in the letter?

I also refer to my letters of 20/02/05 and 21/02/05. You advised in your letter of 25th February 2005 that it was a response to these letters. However, all you did was to provide me with a report by Dr P D McIntosh which addressed a number of other reports, but did not address or refer in any way to the issues raised in my letters of 20th and 21st February. These letters remain unanswered, and I ask that you provide an answer in respect of the specific matters therein, specifically.

  1. that in coupe NI114A no roads or snig tracks or machinery will pass within a 90 degree arc with radius 30m upstream from any seepage,
  2. the lack of qualification of Drs Roberts and McIntosh to make assessment and prescription in respect of water values of Coupe NI 114A.

Similarly, your reply of 25th February 2005 did not address the issues I raised in my letter of 9/02/05 regarding the comparability of Koonya and South Sister with regard to a 300m exclusion zone applied at Koonya but not at South Sister. This letter raised additional issues to those addressed in your earlier email of 6th January, issues which are of major significance to the protection of water values in Coupe NI114A. Your reply of 6th January 2005 failed to address the issue of the protection of water supply to springs, which are the outlets of the supply system; instead you focussed on the demand for the water, through intakes from springs to domestic water systems.

It was not appropriate to address this failure of reply to the above letters while proceedings were before RMPAT, but as they are still relevant to the Plan for Coupe NI114A, I ask for your replies.

For and on behalf of Save Our Sisters

cc: Isobel Stanley , Chair FPA

We have received no response for days

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