South Sister St. Marys, Tasmania

South Sister

all efforts appear to be in vain ...

This is a pictorial record of events unfolding as Forestry Tasmania proceed to log South Sister against the best advise of competent scientists and the wishes of local residents.

Image of the coupe taken on 21 February, 2005 before logging started Coupe before
   being logged [Image to be loaded] We are saving this space to show what the coupe looks like after it is logged.
Sign at entrance to coupe excluding local residents. Forestry
   sign Outdoor
   meeting Local residents having a discussion with police and forestry personnel.
Machinery bringing in dirt and possibly diseases into a new area - a formal complaint has been lodged. Dirty
   machinery Old picnic
   ground What was once a favoured picnic spot for local residents, now to become a landing for log trucks.
Police, Forestry Tasmania personnel and local residents having a 'frank exchange of views'. Pow wow Bewildered
   tourists Bewildered overseas tourists wondering what happened to the enchanted views they were promised.
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