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From: Frances Daily
To: Chris Mitchell
Sent: Tuesday, 17 January 2006
cc: G. Wilkinson, I. Stanley, M. Denhom, D. Clement
[email addresses redacted]

Dear Chris,

Exclusion of subsidence over Cardiff Mine

Thank you for your letter of January 11, 2006 and that of Ken Bird (January 5, 2006).

It is with delight that I read of the exclusion of the area of subsidence over Cardiff Mine on Coupe NI 114A after my recommendation to exclude it.

However I would like to point out to you that this if this is indicative of Forestry Tasmania's 'careful and thorough planning' (which we have been reminded of so many times), then it is indeed a surprise that something as simple as this, recognised by untrained members of the general public can have been missed by 'experts'.

It is with great regret and dismay that I finally realise FPA have seemingly no intention to look at the truth of situations but rather identify and cover up for the mistakes of FT (and some experts).

I trust that planning of future coupes will be more careful, more thorough and true experts will be consulted to assess situations where repercussions to human life may be apparent.

Yours sincerely,

Frances Daily

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