South Sister St Marys, Tasmania

South Sister Bushwalks - 3

floral loop track walk

This beautiful track through Wet Sclerophyll forest shows South Sister's amazing understorey, with its diverse flora and fauna. The track starts about 100 metres east of the South Sister Road and Derrick's Marsh Track intersection. It winds in a loop gently up the southern slopes of the South Sister going through forest never logged in the past and then winding its way around a wet area back to the start. During the spring and summer, flowers are plentiful. Everywhere you look there are flowers and berries. The forest is also very beautiful with many habitat trees and places for the animals to live. It is common to hear and see wallabies on this track.

The threatened species Euphrasia collina ssp. deflexifolia is found on this walk but is less plentiful than found further west where it grows in abundance.

This walk is really a showcase and is highly recommended. It takes less than 30 minutes.


Typical forest scene
Typical forest seen on this walk with many flowers in spring and summer

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