South Sister St Marys, Tasmania

South Sister Bushwalks - 2

derrick's marsh and nicholas range

Derrick's Marsh is west of South Sister and as the name suggests, is a wet area. The Marsh is privately owned and has been logged in the past. There is an old road with many tracks leading from it which winds its way from the South Sister Road. All tracks lead to the Marsh. In days gone by, a local farmer used to drove his cattle along this road to the Marsh during winter.

This is an easy walk as it is almost completely flat. The first part of the walk is through eucalyptus, blackwood and ferns. It then goes through a banksia and tea tree area before going through another area of blackwoods and pepper bushes. One could walk for only fifteen minutes but if you are feeling energetic, you could be away for four or more hours. There are good views of the Nicholas Range including 'Teapot Rocks' and 'Finger and Thumb' - two other walks which can be accessed from Cornwall.

Walks can also be taken off the track - going north towards the summit where there are many pepper bushes or south where it is drier and banksias are in abundance.

Keep your eyes out for the threatened Euphrasia collina ssp. deflexifolia which grow in abundance along the side of the track. It flowers in spring and summer with flowers ranging from white to purple. It can also be seen in abundance north of the track if you decide to go 'bushbashing'. There are a number of boulders where there are large colonies - one large boulder has more than 300 plants.


Derrick's Marsh Road Nicholas Range and Huntsman's Cap
Derrick's Marsh Road Nicholas Range and Huntsman's Cap

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