South Sister St. Marys, Tasmania


lights, camera, action .....

7 March, 2005

Tripod at South Sister Blockade at South Sister!
Will you now take us seriously?
Here we have a tripod upon which a protester intends to stay when the loggers arrive. Removing him without risk to life and limb is not going to be easy.


Fearing that Forestry Tasmania will bring in contractors to start felling before all legal avenues are exhausted, (they wouldn't try that, would they? Would they?? [added 9 March: Yes, they would! FT released a Media Statement on 8 March that logging will commence in the week of 21 March]) some supporters decided to take matters into their hands and try a temporary blockade.

Two tripods have been erected on the road leading to the coupe, connected to platforms erected high up amongst the trees. The idea appears to be that removal of tripods to gain access to the coupe will probably dislodge the platforms and severely injure, if not kill outright the person on the platform.

We are humbled to see such dedication to an idea.

Update: 2005/03/24:The vigil ended on Wednesday March 22 after Forestry announced that they wouldn't proceed with logging prior to the Final Hearing. Thanks to all those who visited the vigil and supported us during the 32 days of suspense. No arrests and no violence occurred which must be one of the first times during a forest protest.

This is the first platform erected about 20-25 m above the ground amongst the trees. The South Sister base camp starts getting a 'lived in' look.
This is the second tripod erected 100 m or so beyond the first. And high up in the trees is another platform only accessible through a rope which is pulled up after the 'sentry' takes position.
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