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[Email to the Chief Forest Practices Officer, Forest Practices Board, Tasmania]

From: David Clement
To: Dr. Graham Wilkinson
Cc: EDO, Dr. F. Daily, Ms. J. Weston
Sent: Thursday, February 17, 2005 7:56 AM
[Email addresses redacted]

Subject: Coupe NI114A South Sister

Dear Mr Wilkinson,

I am concerned at the lack of acknowledgement by you, and response, to my letter of 28 January 2005 requesting a variation/revocation of Plan PWJ 0010, particularly in light of subsequent advices to you regarding the failure of Forestry Tasmania to identify the hazard posed by the Jubilee Mine workings, and to undertake appropriate risk assessments, which represents not only a failure to meet the requirements of the Forest Practices Code 2000 but also the Forest Safety Code and Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995.

The issues raised are neither frivolous nor negligible, being supported by evidence and professional opinion, and your apparent failure to acknowledge or address these issues, which fall within your statutory duties, suggests failure of duty and due diligence of such extent as to justify an enquiry into your behaviour in this matter.

The issue of failure of risk assessment in respect of Jubilee Mine and landslip risk in general, and of the hydrogeological conditions of the coupe, is a major and immediate issue of safety to contractors, employees, residents and visitors of extreme urgency, given the stated intention of Forestry Tasmania to commence road operations next week, while the operations also have implications of negligence and compensation in respect of damage to water supplies to residents. I repeat that Forestry Tasmania have made no prescriptions for the protection of the SUPPLY of water to residents from the coupe.

I look forward to your early and adequate response to my representations.

D. W. Clement

[This email has been acknowledged to the effect that FPB is 'taking expert advice on the matter'; it refers to the letter of 28 January, 2005.]

We have been waiting days for a reply to the original letter.

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