South Sister St. Marys, Tasmania

South Sister

dealing with fire

From: David Clement
To: Steve Manson
Cc: Andrew Lohrey; F. Daily; J. Weston; M. Casey; R. Quinn
Sent: Friday, February 18, 2005 6:19 PM
[Email addresses redacted]

Subject: Forest safety Code (Tasmania) 2000 re Coupe NI114A

Dear Mr Manson,

You may remember that there was considerable concern expressed at the meeting of residents called by Forestry Tasmania on 28th January to advise them of the provisions of the Forest Practices Plan for the above coupe about provisions for dealing with the escape of fire from the coupe.

Would you be able to provide me with a copy of the appropriate section of the FOS Plan for the coupe ,which I see from Appendix 2 of the FSC must be evaluated from the results of the hazard identification and risk assessment of the coupe carried out as part of the planning requirements for approval of the coupe Forest Practices Plan. I refer specifically to the assessment (g) relating to the contingency plan in the event of unsafe or uncontrolled conditions(fire). I believe this information may go some way to relieving the concerns of residents around the coupe.

I note that the FOS Plan should also address the identification of mining excavations (j) and the climatic and ground conditions of the coupe (a). Would this information be available to residents to reassure them that in planning the operations for the coupe that adequate consideration has been given to the particular rainfall, wind and land stability characteristics of the coupe as part of the hazard identification and risk assessment process required for the FOS, as set down at § 2.4 of the Code.

David Clement

We have been waiting days for a reply.

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